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PDXact™ models provide an opportunity to study drug candidate performance against the wide array of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, that importantly have been created to reflect the spectrum genotypes and clinical diagnoses present in a clinical population. These precision models are designed to provide a higher degree of clinical and biological relevance for your pre-clinical and translational research. Below is a list of some features you will find in the Molecular Response tumor bank:

The Molecular Response Viable Tumor Bank:

  • 29 cancer indications, 76 clinical diagnoses
  • Pathology and histology reports
  • Matched FFPE blocks, RNA and DNA
  • Ex-vivo drug resistance profiles

Molecular Response can leverage the world’s largest, clinically annotated and viable human tumor to create a vast array of PDX models. Moreover, due to the vast depth of our diagnosis-specific patient tumors populations, Molecular Response can create unique population sets of PDX models; thus more closely mimicking a human clinical trial. Described in the text below are the two options that Molecular Response provides for our PDXact™ range. Finally, while we are able to supply models to your business for your own pharmacology studies, Molecular Response provides Pharmacology services in our AAALAC-accredited labs and vivarium.